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Sujin Bec

An Every-Form Artist

                    Sujin Bec was born and raised in Busan, South Korea, currently the second largest city in Korea.  As a child she witnessed the city’s growth from a rural countryside village to a bustling economic powerhouse. Even more uniquely she was raised in one of the first apartment blocks in the area, now wedged distinctly between the modern city and an expansive untouched mountainous region. Literally having lived between mother nature and modernity, Sujin always preferred to enjoy her time in the mountains, fishing and catching frogs instead of navigating the modern cityscape. This same sentiment can be seen in how she later chose to move to the quiet island of Guam as opposed to moving to a bigger city in pursuit of her art education.

                    From her time in South Korea to Guam, she continued to appreciate the beauty of nature and the fight for its preservation. Sujin believes nature gives us life and it is our responsibility to give back. She shows this appreciation in her art by focusing on the beauty in nature and creating a feeling of comfort that nature provides.

                    Sometimes she becomes too attached to a work of art because she strives to create a perfect piece. This desire for perfection can prevent her from moving on to another work of art.  For instance, during her first few semesters at the University of Guam, she only produced four to five art pieces per semester because she could not finish the works when it was in the ending stages of the painting. This was due to her anxiety caused by not wanting to end certain endeavors. By meditating on nature, Sujin learned about balance. Just as nature is cyclical and balanced she learned to accept that things must grow as they naturally will. Through awareness of this natural cycle, Sujin learned to let go of things. To be able to move on as nature does. 

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